The forum and exhibition are held annually according to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 5, 2014 No. 541-р.

Dmitry Medvedev
Prime Minister
 of the Russian Federation

“The development of industrially developed countries' economies, of which the Russian  Federation belongs, is impossible without increasing the efficiency of production and labor productivity. The main direction to ensure these factors is the transition to an innovative economy based on the development of science and the widespread introduction of its achievements into production. Modern science and production are saturated with measurement means, the accuracy indicators of which characterize the level of development of science and production. The same can be said about such high-tech activities as transport, energy, medicine, securing defense capability and security of the state.

Meanwhile, the tasks of ensuring broad production cooperation, assessing the  conformity of the parameters of high-tech products at all stages of its life cycle require ensuring the uniformity of measurements, including on an international scale.

Thus, the development of a system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements is  aimed at achieving sustainable and balanced socio-economic development  and ensuring the national defense and national security of the Russian Federation.”


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